been awhile

yeah so its been a long ass time since ive updated this thing
things that are new
*school is in session,its almost the end of the first quarter already.oh man im loving this

*spirit week (slash) homecoming just passed.spirit week was awesome but i didnt go to homecoming because..i just didnt.but i am going to roosevelts homecoming.
*school soccer is going ok.not as good as i would like but its ok
*sac team=awesome.i love everyone on the team and were doing so well.havent tied or lost yet.joanna's on the team! that makes my is kara!
*got a new cell phone because i spilled hot dog juice in my old one
*things are better with everyone..EXCEPT my mom.erg she ruins my life.
*blah i dont know what else is new.

i hope people comment because it would make me uber happy.

i <3 you
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yeah so its been awhile since ive done this. but since no one reads it i think it was stupid to update.

ok so my birthday was july 27th and even though i know no one cares it was uber fun.jesi and mandie came over and we splattered my room.haha we got it al over ourselves,it was insanly fun.then we tried to teach mandie how to play soccer in the rain and then we decided to go swimming in our clothes,man those pictures will be so hott.haha oh i also decided to put my face in the cake,so yeah no one ate it.mandie slept over and then went home at like 12 the next day.

oh man i cant wait for soccer to start.cause i might start on varsity which would make my life but i dont know. im also playing the LBGC leage with jesi,kara,mery and i got mandie to should be fun and ill be really busy playing both but it will be fun.since i love them all,except for a selected few i wont mention,haha.

today i went to the mall with jesi and we saw"little black book" meh it was good but i didnt like some of it and it was freezing in there.we had mucho fun.i love going to the mall with her and just plain hanging out with her.earlier this week i went to her house twice in a row and watched "13 going on 30" and then we wrestled about nintendo.haha oh man i love it.texting me about seeing david made my day complete,i love it.*sigh* i wish i was there though,hehe. and registration was awesome too.haha we just have so much fun together,i wish i could live with her.wait..that sounds weird.

i miss travis,i made him a bear.enough said.

warped tour on going with travis,nick,henrey,his friend eian(sp?) and maybe nicks little sister,it will be the best time ever,since i said and yeah alot of great bands are going to be will be a good time.

i cant believe we go back to school soon,im dying but im also kind of happy.i dont know why i guess i just want to get it over with.or i want to go back..wait,no that cant be right.
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happy 4th

ok so tonight i went to laurel lakes w/ travis,ashley umbel,trace,mandie,mery,erica,and met alot of people was crazy.i kicked travis' ball in the lake and lost it,so i have to get him a new ball.the fire works were awesome,i just love them.and i saw alot of people i know,i dont like alot of them but i still know them,haha. yeah spilled water all over travis at silver diner and then crawled over him to get under the table to grab mandies sweatshirt from her and take it back,but i couldnt get it.we were late to dinner cause travis lost his wallet at scotts cove and we had to go back and retrace our steps to find it,jesus hes stinky. man there were so many people there i didnt like it wasnt even funny.haha i said hi to so many people i hate and i know alot of people that said hi to me actually hate me,but its ok.cause they suck.and are pallotti girls, who stink.

im outie.happy 4th
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ok well yeah its been a long time(as usual)

this is the last week of school and the last day for me! cause im not going tomarrow,no yeah this week finals were stupid,it gets on my nerves how much the hype up finals but then their easy and i kill them. i have my last final today in Biology and i think ill kill it,im not sure. for some reason im not too sad about leaving 9th grade and this being my last day.i actually didnt say bye to any teachers or anybody at all,haha i guess that means i wont miss them..oh wait,i already knew that.

+ i got a B in LSN for my final grade
+turned in my math,and Spanish books
+payed my biology book fine($8.00)

yesterday me and mery had to stay after to clean my locker and her locker out.haha we threw away three sweatshirts,her cleats,her bag,her necklace,and so much other shit. then we had to walk to my grandma's house and that was one long ass walk,i mean damn we almost got shot like 5 times..actually im lying but thats OK)we had to walk cause merys grandma nor my grandma could pick us of course my grandma was having an old lady convention and we had to eat upstairs and talk secretly.

this summer is going to be a bumber. tonight im going out with travis doing god knows what.and tomarrow i think im going to mollys house or somthing for a bit.then saturday i have to work at my grandmas house.and probably go to mandies for a bit or somthing.sunday is fathers day and im going to my grandmas to eat crabs.then monday and tuesday probably hanging with mandie cause travis is going camping with pat from friday till sunday,and then going to Ocean i wont see him for like 4 days,it stinks. my birthday is also going to stink cause i was supposed to go to hershey park but i decided not to since i dont ride or do anything,cause im a loser.

yeah im definately hanging out with mery, mandie, travis, gabe, david, molly, jesi and so many other people this summer.cause i need to do somthing or else il die!

{things are crap and im crap so we go good together}

i finally hung out with mandie last weekend for the first time in like 2 was fun but i got burnt and that stinks cause now my boobs are bubbling and peeling and im sitting here in school peeling it off,haha oh its fun.but we went to the pool alot and found a turtle,i dont know if her mom let her keep it or not,i think i shall ask her.but yeah my time with mandie was fun and we are definately going to have alot more of it this weekend.haha her sister is insane and so is ashley.and mandie im sorry things with trace kind of stunk saturday night and things with your dad,i love you and im here for you. but im just glad were hanging out and talking again(gabe you were right!!)

paint my nails yellow please!
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ok so sorry guys,long time no update and i actually forgot i had this joint

it was 10 months on june 1,oh wow i didnt get to see him so i went out to dinner with travis on wednesday.

yeah so soccer is over, im blown but were supposed to play one more game.we has two this weekend and won both of them oh yeah were awesome.

haha movie night with jesi and travis was awesome.their funny and i love them

so this is my plan for this week
+get ears pierced(again)
+no school thursday,go to graduation and then try to go see Harry Potter with travis or just go somewhere
+ashley's party w/ travis,mandie and trace( i think). then sleeping over mandies
+mandies house on saturday and then off to travis'
+sunday no soccer so probably working at grandmas

in other cat had 5 kittens on saturday. 3 grey and white.and 2 black,brown and white. im giving them all away..except for a grey one im keeping and giving to travis when he is aloud to have it,aww im soo nice.haha sike im just silly.

5-6 more fucking days of school left, i cant wait this summer is going to be so awesome and i think for my birthday im going to Hershey park,owow so fun.

leave messages, or die
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ok so yeah friday=got my hfstival tickets.

saturday went to travis' house.rode the metro,then met,pat,phil,adam,and bryan there.Offspring and Jay-Z were the best ones.haha got second hand high,i dont know how that happened.but it did. oh man it was just the best time.afterwards went to travis' for some pizza then my dad came and got me. oh man it was just soo bitchin.i dont know i guess i would rather be up close and pushed around and hit instead of just sitting the whole time.its more exciting.

HSA's this week.*sigh* i hate test.luckily we dont have to pass them but it still sucks because we have to take the bitches

jesi i hope you had fun in flordia and i definately wear my bracelet everyday! haha oh man. good sorry i dont think i can go this weekend with mom doesnt want me gone all weekend because my dad is going away with adam to some soccer thing and she doesnt want to be home alone all weekend.we'll have some other time though.

need someone to desperatly talk to. me and talk! please!
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ok so yeah im in class and thought a update was necessary.

first off let me start with some information i feel you need to know about
+travis made jesi a"molly is hott" braclet and is going to make me a "jesi is hott" bracelet (but i dont have to pay for it,muhahaha.
+jesi is NOT,i repeat is NOT going to be here for the next two soccer practices or the next game
+hfstival is this saturday,whoop and mery are going and i think you all should too.
+last day for seniors

ok now ontop another topic,i was thinking today and i feel that i should name all the people i here it goes,if you are not named leave a comment and i will either add you or explain why i dont love you.

+ numba 1 stuna(aka top person) travis
+ best friends= jesi,mandie,mery,mindy
+upper friends= gabe,pat h, ashley, david, molly h, erica, tara, katlyn,lindsay
+lower friends=emily,josh b,nathan, christina

(you are very lucky to be on my list,applaud yourself)

honestly i know im missing alot of people,and i cant think of so comment and tell me who im missing

ill stone you to death.


my hair is gone,i got it cut and i can barely put it in a pony tail.oh man its hott like your mom naked in my bed.

disected a sheep heart today=grossest thing ever! and were disecting a pig fetus later in the i hate biology.

hope all the seniors had fun at prom tonight.mwah i love you all and will miss you deeply.

last night had a concert and travis came.merys mom, joanna,and my dad kept making me and mery laugh.and of course we laugh when they talk about hebrew children burning in the fire,oh wow sorry it makes us crack up. stuck a water bottle up taras butt,and walked around with joanna.then went out agfterwards with travis to get some ice cream=fun times.

i dont know.i feel like he doesnt care as much as i do and doesnt love me as much ashe used to.maybe its because im stressed but i dont know.someone help me because i dont know what to think..

"your moms a migget"
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can you say.."bah"

sorry long time no type.
so lets begin,shall we?

first off i dont remember what i talked about in my last entry so im just going to go back to as far as i can remember.thursday my mom was acting gay and made me mad and upset.but psh its ok because she is gone for now.the friday night travis came and got me from my house at like 3 and we went to pats,he played alittle ball outside for a bit then we went in.pat came home and they played worms..or somthing for a bit.then off to their game in silver spring.pat drove us and they were acting stupid and silly,but its ok because that is why i love there and guess who shows up? ASHLEY! i was so happy i had someone to talk pat"molly can you run to my car and see if my shoe is in there" then i "run" to his car and find it,i bring it half way but then go back to put it back because he really didnt say to BRING the i get back and pat goes" was it in there?" and i said" yeah it was" and he goes"well can you bring it"..what do i look like his bitch or somthing?!? i mean..damn son.but psh its then me and ashley talked for along time about everything.then it lightened so me,pat and travis went to sit by pats car,he gave me a flower and we ganged up on was mucho then the game got postponed.pat took me and travis back to his house and hugged me and we to travis' house and he takes a shower and we watch a movie,then its home for me.

saturday i got up early and went to roosevelt to meet travis for his lax game.i got there around 11 and we went.travis' parents and I went to get somthing to eat during half time and we came back and it wasnt good.psh we should of never after that big gabe and pat hugs were given.then off to the bird store,then to his house.we went to the park,wow i dont know why but we both got mad at eachother and walked away and didnt talk.then to rent a movie,psh they wouldnt let us rent Last Samari so we got Big home and watched Big Fish.good ass movie,there were some lessons given out but no detail.

sunday went to church,saw Annie folks,aimee,racheal,and was crrrazy stuff..then off to lunch with the family.then went to jesi's and we dug holes in the ground then went to soccer.we won and i almost had a goal from midfeild but viki headed it in. she also fell and got kicked,it was mad fun.then off to a lovely dinner with jesi and her family.then home to talk to travis for like 2 seconds,did my homework.took a shower and bam got online.couldnt sleep because of the storm so yeah im dead tired.

today was ok.travis came and got me again and we went to pats house.then off to finish the game from ashley.but some kid rips his underwear and gets a wedgie,i dont was THE funniest thing in the world. then w/ pat and travis to get ice seems im like the person only good for holding shit.because i always end up holding keys and wallets and phones.went to mcdonalds with them and got some ice cream.back to pats where they balled for a minute. then home.

memo's for you all=
+ got my cd on thursday but i ended up getting two so i gave one to travis
+got a concert for chorus on thursday at 7 at laurel,be there or be square
+soccer game this sunday,1:40 at worthington elementary.
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